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We thank you for helping the animals in our community. Along with LFACC Animal Control Officers, we rely on you, concerned citizens, to be the eyes and ears in the community and report animal suffering.
If you are having a problem with a barking dog, please consider the following options.
If you were issued a citation for any local animal ordinance violation.
LFACC is committed to the health and happiness of every animal in our community. With nearly 7,000 animals coming through our shelter doors each year, and with such high numbers of animals looking to us for help, preventing illness is critical! We are proud of the care and treatment standards we have in place, providing a wide array of…
There are six locations in Fayette County where dogs can run off-leash in designated areas.
For information on the humane control of feral cats and trap-neuter-return assistance.
All dogs in Fayette County must be on a leash, behind a fence, or on the dog owner’s property under the owner’s supervision at all times when outside.
In Fayette County, all dogs and cats must be licensed annually starting at six months of age and rabies vaccinated at four months of age.
For any Fayette County dog or cat litter signed over to LFACC, LFACC’s partner agency, the Lexington Humane Society, will spay and neuter the “mom and dad” animals at no cost to the pet owner as part of the Last Litter program.
LFACC believes in promoting responsible pet ownership and is proud to offer HomeAgain brand microchips for $25 to the public during regular business hours with no appointment necessary.
What is the most important part of reuniting a lost pet with an owner?
Cleaning up after your pet is the law. All pet waste on public or unowned-private land must be sanitarily and properly disposed of in an appropriate trash receptacle.
Relinquishing ownership of a pet is a difficult decision. LFACC staff is available to provide you with alternatives to owner relinquishment and to walk you through the process if the decision to sign over ownership is final.
The state of Kentucky requires all dogs, cats, and ferrets to be vaccinated for rabies by 4 months of age with a second rabies vaccination due 12 months later.
As a part of responsible pet ownership, LFACC encourages all pet owners to have their animals spayed and neutered. The Lexington Humane Society, LFACC’s partner agency, offers a free and low-cost spay/neuter program called Spay’sTheWay.
As a homeowner, you are responsible for the removal of any uninjured nuisance wildlife in your home or on your property. LFACC can offer assistance with sick or injured wildlife or with wildlife animals that pose a threat to the community as a whole.

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