We thank you for helping the animals in our community. Along with LFACC Animal Control Officers, we rely on you, concerned citizens, to be the eyes and ears in the community and report animal suffering. Please contact us if you see:

● Animal neglect

● Intentional cruelty to animals

● Inappropriate conditions for dogs tethered outdoors (lacking water, shade, or shelter; improper tether; etc.)

● Animal abandonment

● Any animal left inappropriately in a hot vehicle

LFACC takes all animal care and treatment complaints very seriously. If you believe you have witnessed the mistreatment, neglect or abuse of an animal, please contact LFACC at (859) 255-9033 x 221. Your contact information will be kept confidential.

Please know that the majority of animal cruelty complaints arise from unknowing neglect and not intentional abuse. One of the biggest roles of an Animal Control Officer is as an educator, informing well-meaning but unknowledgeable pet owners of proper and responsible pet care.

To read Fayette County's "Care and Treatment" Ordinance (Sec. 4-2), click here.

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