If you are having a problem with a barking dog, please consider the following options:

  • Talk to your neighbor: Please give your neighbor the benefit of the doubt. In many situations, someone with a noisy dog may not realize that there is a disturbance. Dogs bark because of numerous reasons including loneliness, boredom, other animals, passersby, or because they’re being teased. Doing someone a favor by informing them of the situation first could be the neighborly thing to do!
  • Put it in writing: If after talking to your neighbor the problem continues, write a letter reminding him/her of the situation. Try not to use a threatening tone and explain that if the problem doesn’t get better you will need to contact local authorities. Maintain a list of the occasions you’ve spoken to the neighbor about the problem. Be sure to record the dates, times, and durations of barking.
  • The legal process: Call LFACC at (859) 255-9033 x 250 to file a noise disturbance complaint. Please leave a message with your name, address, and phone number and the address of the noise disturbance.
    • Note: Continual dog barking is a misdemeanor violation that must be witnessed for legal action to go forward. If you have witnessed a violation and file a complaint to remedy a situation, it is likely that you need to appear in court.
    • As a first step, an informational letter will be sent to the complaint address notifying the resident a complaint was filed. If the barking persists, file a second complaint and an officer will be dispatched to the address.
    • If officer dispatch does not remedy the situation, to move forward with legal action it will be necessary for you to file a criminal complaint with the County Attorney's Office.
    • Call the County Attorney's Office at (859) 254-4941 to directly file an official complaint. Be prepared to report your contact information; whether or not you have spoken to your neighbor about the problem, and when, how often, and how many times the disturbance has occurred.
  • Mediation: It’s always best if neighbors can work together. Voluntary mediation can be a valuable tool in helping parties arrive at an acceptable, peaceful solution. Mediation must be agreed upon by both involved parties. Call the not-for-profit Mediation Center of Kentucky at (859) 246-2664 to request a session with a professional mediator. There is a fee for the service that is split between both parties. If you mention this website, a reduced rate could apply.


If you were issued a citation for any local animal ordinance violation, please contact the Fayette County District Court to remit payment. Click here for District Court information.

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